What does living on Grounds offer for Transfer Students?

All new transfer students will be receiving information about a new program targeted at the needs of transfer students that will be housed in Johnson, Norris and Weedon Houses.  We hope that you will take the time to look at the opportunties and advantages that program can offer you.  The community will have a mixture of transfer and returning students living together in a traditional residence hall setting.  Each of the buildings is small, housing just under 100 students each.  It is a community that is small enough so that you can get to know people.  Students that have moved from our residence halls into apartment settings, either on or off grounds frequently report missing the closeness of community that developed in a residence hall.  There is a mixture of double and single rooms in these three buildings.  No matter where you were last year, making connections and having the kind of outlets for social interaction that you need are the top determinate of student satisfaction.  We hope  that living in this community will give you more of what you need, since it has been developed specifically for you.

Please also look at the space still available in Hereford College.  If a single room is what you want, many or most of the single room spaces available are in Hereford -which is housed in two buildings that are a part of the same complex that the Transfer program is in.  Hereford is a community that is focused on sustainability.  It offers a wide range of interesting opportunities for involvement.

Location is important to students here.  You are likely to hear that these buildings are “so far away”…..  That’s really not the case.  They are as close to the center of grounds as other more popular living options.  If the grounds were flat, it wouldn’t be an issue.  These buildings are in a beautiful setting on Observatory Mountain.  For upperclass students, there is great parking.  Buses also come by at less than 15 minute intervals throughout the day.  The typical routine for students here has them taking the bus to central grounds in the morning and then coming back with they are finished with classes.  The bus service on grounds makes that pretty easy no matter where you are.

For Transfer students, you are signing up for housing after all of the returning students, so there aren’t ever as many spaces available in “prime” areas to meet the demand.  If you don’t want to be a part of the transfer program, you are also encouraged to look at all other available spaces.  One strategy used successfully transfers to find prime spaces has been to go online to web sites like www.hoohasit.com, www.onthegrounds.com or uvastudentcouncil.com/offgrounds.  Students who are looking for someone to take over their on Grounds housing contract will advertise on these sites.

Since you have already attended another highed ed. institution, you should have a good feel for how things work.  UVa does things in ways that may or may not be similar to what you’re used to.  Before you miss a deadline or get stressed about something that doesn’t seem clear, please call or e-mail us and let us help you figure out how to find what you need.

Congratulations on being admitted.  We’re thrilled that you will be a part of the student body here.


We hope you'll find helpful information on the Housing application and assignment process. Send us questions at housing@virginia.edu and we'll answer them here.

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