Bikes on Grounds

Charlottesville is a beautiful area and a very outdoor sports oriented community.  If you ride a bike for exercise and are interested in finding people who also like to ride, bringing a bike is a great outlet that will help you escape the Grounds and enjoy the beautiful scenery here.  If you are thinking that a bike is required to get around grounds, but it’s not something that you normally use now, I would caution you to wait and see before bringing a bike with you in August.  Too many bikes end up spending the year sitting in bike racks, unused, all year long.  The distances on grounds are not all that far.  The Grounds, by my standards, are fairly compact.  There are very few locations on grounds that are 1 mile apart.  The bus service comes by most stops on less than 15 minute intervals.  Most students go to the center of Grounds for class once a day and then return home when they are finished.  There can be a lot of traffic – especially pedestrians and a bike can be just another thing to haul around.  The other factor that limits the usefulness of bikes can be the weather.  From November – March/April, it can be a little less than comfortable to ride, when you are just dressed for attending class.  Walking and using the bus service are simple and convenient and are an efficient way to get around for most people.


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