Living on Grounds all Four Years

I’d like to clearly state that there is room for all students who want to remain in on Grounds housing for all four years of their undergraduate career.  Currently, first year students are required to live on Grounds.  Second year students are guaranteed an offer of housing if they apply by the deadline (December 1st this year).  Third and Fourth year students can apply through the same lottery as rising second year students, however, if they are in a room where they want to stay, they will always have the option to re-sign to stay in the same room.

Typically, 50% of second year students, 20% of third year students and 10% of fourth year students remain in on Grounds housing.  We are fortunate that there are a variety of living options in locations around grounds to choose from.  We have apartment style options with double and single rooms, we have 3 residential college programs and 10 language house programs and one traditional residence hall option in addition to the Lawn, which is a special living option available to students in their last year of study.

Years ago, finding housing was much harder.  Over the past six or so years, there has been a tremendous amount of rental space added to the local market.  This has eased the demand for both on and off grounds housing.  You don’t have to rush into selecting anything until you are ready, despite the push you may feel in October.  We hope that you will consider all of your options and make a decision that will be a comfortable fit for your needs.


We hope you'll find helpful information on the Housing application and assignment process. Send us questions at and we'll answer them here.

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