University Phone Removal from Student Rooms for Fall 2010 Semester

During the next month, the phone instruments provided for the past several decades will be taken out of the student rooms.  This is in keeping with a national trend that has been accelerating over the past several years.   With changes in the technology associated with cell phone service, room phones are no longer a useful amenity.  As a parent myself, I haven’t had the room phone numbers of my three children since my oldest was a first year student.  It’s tough to catch them in their rooms and many never even bother to set up the service on the phone in their room.  If they do, they don’t check it often enough to clear the voicemail box.  Virtually all students come to the University with cell phones.  We have delayed removing the room phones until the cell phone service was upgraded to insure that all rooms have service.   The many Universities that have already taken this step have reported virtually no problems with the change.  In anticipation of any needs related to this change, public phones are being re-installed on each floor so that students will all have access to a phone when they need one.  The University Bookstore offers cell phone packages, including ones where you pay as you go, or purchase minutes, and don’t sign a service contract.  There are also emergency (blue) phones in all the residence hall areas that have a direct connection to the University Police.


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