Language House Program Opportunities

In the listings of On Grounds Housing options, you may notice that there are several facilities listed as Language Houses.  The University of Virginia has made a commitment to the development of language skills by creating 10 different language immersion programs.  These are small living communities where students are expected to speak and practice the language of the program.  There are separate spaces for the German House (located with in the Bice House apartments), the Russian House, the French House (La Maison Francaise), the Spanish House (La Casa Bolivar) and Shea House.  Shea House is our newest language house and it contains a total of 6 language groups.  These include Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Persian, Hindi/Urdu and Italian.  The Language component in each house or pod is directed by a student (graduate or undergrad) employee of the Langauge Department.  Students are eligible to apply to live in the houses after their first year and need to meet the language requirements of the Academic Department (usually a 1 year of study level of proficiency).  Student apply directly to the appropriate language department and the department makes selection decisions.  For information about a specific program, please go to the web sites of the individual departments.


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