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  1. 1 Ian June 5, 2010 at 11:05 pm

    I do have one pressing question: are there any more vacancies left for Brown, Faulkner, or Gooch/Dillard?
    I’m currently in the process of applying for housing as a Transfer student, however, although I’m prepared with a selection of places I’d like to apply to, I apparently haven’t been recognized yet in Housing’s “database”. I think I’ve not waited the full 72 hours yet since I paid my deposit, and I think this accounts for me not being able to apply online yet. I simply want to get an idea of the housing availability at the moment before I go into applying!

    • 2 jre9s June 9, 2010 at 9:01 am

      Ian, There are very few vacant spaces in Faulkner, Gooch/Dillard or Brown. Faulkner and Brown typically fill with returning students. The only vacancies we get in the summer come from individual withdrawals. The Brown College program typically also has a waiting list. Gooch/Dillard this year has only a limited number of bed space available to upperclass students as most of the space in the complex is being used for first year student housing space. For transfer students in general, there is enough space in housing overall, so being able to live on Grounds is not a problem. In the areas where the supply of vacancies is less than the demand however, there is one other avenue that you should investigate. We allow students who want to be released from their contract to advertise and have another student, who does not already have a housing contract take over their contract. For the past couple of years, an approximately 100 transfer students have used this route to find space. There are several web sites that we are aware of that students use to advertise their desire to find a replacement. They include: wwwhoohasit.com, http://www.onthegrounds.com, and http://uvastudentcouncil.com/offgrounds.

      Thank you for your question.


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