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As you look at the different Housing Facilities that are a part of UVa’s On Grounds housing, please take a closer look at the Copeley Apartments.  There are 2 sets of Copeley apartments – one is a part of family housing, the other is for single students and has space for both undergraduate and graduate students.  A fair number of the spaces that we currently have vacant are in Copeley.  Why?  It has more to do with the location and students’ perception of that location than anything else.  Location is a very big priority for the student body here.  The closer any and everything is to the center of grounds the better.  Unfortunately for Copeley, it’s on North Grounds, across from the Law School.  It’s also across the street from the North Grounds recreation center, just up the street from the Barracks Road Shopping Center and many restaurants, close to many athletic fields and the John Paul Jones Arena.   The same bus service that goes to all on Grounds facilities goes to Copeley and it is just around the corner from the Faulkner apartments, which are very popular.  2nd on the list of upperclass student priorities is single rooms.  (Faulkner is also all single rooms, Copeley is all double rooms (4 people per apartment)).

As a new transfer student, living on Grounds is a good way to get connected to the University and to give yourself sometime to make friends and get involved in a community.  Unfortunately, the number of vacancies in areas that students are most excited about is small.  At this point, there are very few vacant spaces in Bice, Lambeth or some of the other areas.  The apartments in Copeley are fairly large, they have good parking and the location has advantages and is near many things that can make your life here enjoyable.  The 1 mile distance to the center of grounds is the one thing that is sort of a fact of life.  With regular bus service however, it doesn’t take much longer to get back and forth to class than it does for many other students who also choose to use the bus as their primary means of transportation.  Most students make one trip a day to the center of grounds and then return home when they have finished classes and activities.  As a new student, having a roommate and being in an apartment with 3 other people is a good thing.  It always helps to go through transitions and experiences like coming to a new University, with others.  We hope that you will give Copeley a chance.  Where ever you live, the community is new each year and will become what you make it.  Help make Copeley the kind of community you want it to be….

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  1. 1 jre9s July 16, 2010 at 5:03 pm

    Right now it appears that we will be almost full everywhere for the Fall, but once the academic year begins, we do have room changes and moves that result in spaces in rooms remaining empty. If that happens and you want to select & pay to keep the room as a single room, you will be offered the option to keep a “double as a single” at some point. You can also wait and see if someone will want to be your next roommate. We have students changing rooms throughout the year and new students coming in mid-year.

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