First Year Roommate Matching

We have received several calls this week from parents who have expressed the general concern that they want to be assured that their son or daughter will be assigned to live with someone who is “just like them”.  The categories of “just like me” covers whatever area the parent is concerned about.

We certainly understand the concerns that both students and parents have and the importance of having a good first year experience.  The purpose however of having all first year students live together and of having a random assignment process, is to try to make sure that for this one year, students learn to live with someone who is different than they are.  The limited number of matching criteria utilized in the program, by design, only cover basic lifestyle areas.  As a State institution, we do not and cannot collect information about religious backgrounds.  We also, intentionally don’t segregate students by any criteria.  The intent of the First Year Program is to give all students as diverse an experience/ exposure as possible.

If you feel that there are essential limits to your comfort zone that require that you have a roommate that has similar values on whatever issue that might be, I recommend that you look at the facebook groups that are likely to have been created by the members of the first year class.   Post what you are looking for and/or look at what other students have posted.  As long as you mutually request each other by the application deadline (June 4th), you will be put together.

I do hope that you will not worry so much about all the things that you cannot control.  You and your roommate are going to have to work on developing expectations for living with each other, no matter what your differences or similarities are.  It’s great if you and your roommate become best friends for life, but it’s also not something that always works that way, even with your best friend from home.  You will meet as many new friends as you want to once you arrive and move in.  Please be open to that and to meeting and making friends with people who are from different backgrounds and cultures.


We hope you'll find helpful information on the Housing application and assignment process. Send us questions at and we'll answer them here.

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