First Year Assignments will be posted at 5pm on Friday, July 2nd

You can look up your assignment online after 5pm on Friday, July 2nd.  To view your assignment, go to the Housing Division web page ( and click on the spot that says “First Year Undergrad” and then “View My Assignment” – hopefully it’s just that simple…

Once you get your assignment, relax and don’t get excited if it’s not what you were hoping for.  The typical pattern of behavior that we see each year is that our phones will start ringing on the following Monday with people who think that they need to fix their assignment. In a few days, after people have had some contact with their new roommate, then their concerns about other things go away and everything is fine…  the location no longer matters.  Sometimes people are also concerned because the roommate is “different” from them in a way that makes them uncomfortable.  The University’s goal for the first year is that you learn to live with someone who is different.  Please don’t be scared by that – welcome it and look forward to what you will learn.  Please read my earlier postings about roommate relationships…

In making first year student assignments, we do fill all of the spaces that we have set aside for the first year class.  We do not have a great deal of flexibility.  We want you to work with your new roommate.  If, after the year starts, it turns out that there is something that makes you incompatible, it is possible for you to change rooms when space becomes available.  We do not change people based on personal prejudices or perceptions of what a roommate might be like.

We also get many calls from parents who want to fix things or take care of things for their sons or daughters.  In most cases, we want to hear from the student, not the parent.  We want to know that the issue, whatever it is, is truly the student’s concern, since they are the ones that are living here with us.  We don’t make changes just on the parents telling us that the son or daughter wants something.

I hope that you are excited about the prospect of getting to know new people and making friends.  The normal pattern is that once you move in and make some friends, wherever you have been assigned becomes the “best” place for you to live.

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