First Year Assignments Update

In the last week, the size of the First Year Class has grown.  At this point in time, with the assignments being posted at the end of the day today, we will currently have more male students than FY bed space.  As a result, a small number  of first year men have been assigned to upperclass spaces in Hereford College that were vacant and we have created 16 triple rooms in the Alderman Road Complex.  While this was necessary to assign all students, the hope is still that all students will be in permanent room assignments before Opening in August.  Between now and then we hope that we will have enough male cancellations so that we won’t have to have anyone actually move into a triple room assignment.  How that goes will depend on whether any additional students are admitted and how many cancellations we receive.  We normally receive more male than female cancellations during the course of the summer so if things follow the normal pattern this will work itself out.

If you find that you are one of the men that has been assigned to a triple room, please relax and we will be in touch with additional information.


We hope you'll find helpful information on the Housing application and assignment process. Send us questions at and we'll answer them here.

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