Room Swaps are not allowed in First Year Housing

We’re already started receiving a few requests from students and parents asking if students can change their assignments if they can find someone else who is willing to switch rooms with them.  Please don’t pursue that avenue.  The intent of the First Year Experience is to have students randomly distributed throughout the First Year Housing Areas.  If we were to allow everyone to start switching places, it would subvert the intent of the process.  We receive a lot of requests that are really code for people wanting to work the system to arrange their assignment so that it’s in a place where they believe other people who are like them might be living.  All of those traditions and beliefs held by parents and older siblings about how things were in a particular location are no longer applicable and should not be believed (or even repeated).  They are not a true reflection of the current state.   All of the students living in first year areas are new.  The community that develops each year is entirely dependent on the students that live there now…  There is no carry over from one year to the next.  The community will be what you make of it.

I’m sure that it’s easy for you to find someone who will also want to trade spaces with you – no matter where you are.  Please…. don’t call and ask for that.  We are not able to accommodate those requests.


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