What About Lofts

10-20 years ago, lofts were a very popular item in student rooms.  That fad has ended and today there are very few and all of the small companies that used to make them and sell them to students locally are long gone.  Many parents who were in college when lofts were popular still haven’t gotten the memo on that….

In our buildings where we have captain’s beds – beds with the dresser drawers built in to the base, we discourage lofting because you aren’t allowed to elevate that kind of bed…. which is the primary reason for lofting.  We have captain’s beds in the halls in the McCormick Road Area, Hereford College, Johnson, Malone and Weedon, Brown College and Shea House.

In the other buildings/complexes, the general bed, is an adjustable, bunkable bed that we leave on the top setting so that there is almost 2′ of storage space underneath each bed.  That is a lot of room and seems to meet the need most students have for storage.  Having these kind of beds has also helped eliminate the need for lofts.

Due to Fire Marshall Restrictions, we do not allow lofts in buildings that have sprinkler systems in the rooms.  This includes the Hereford Complex, Shea House, Woody, Cauthen and Kellogg.

If you feel compelled to have a loft, please contact the Housing Divison Facilities Office for guidelines that all lofts have to meet.

My advice, if you are thinking about/want a loft, is to wait until after opening to reevaluate your need and to then build one when you have lots of friends who are free to assist you.  In most cases, I think that you’ll find that it’s more work/trouble and expense than it’s worth.



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