The UVa Bookstore

I recommend that you go to the UVa Bookstores web site/catalog sales area as you decide what to get for your room.  If an item is on sale there, it has been approved for use in the residence halls…  There is also a good chance that the Bookstore Staff will be able to deliver those items into your room (I don’t know what the deadline for orders is, but it’s coming up quickly now.)  I would also suggest that it’s a good idea to purchase items from the bookstore because the profit from those items is reinvested back in the University to support student programs.  I have not looked, but I would be surprised if the Bookstore’s web page doesn’t explain how that works and what they have provided funding for.

In the interest of full disclosure, both the Housing Divison and the Bookstore are Auxiliary Services of the University and report up the same chain of command…. We are partners who work together in trying to cover all student needs that we can.


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