Room Phones

We hope that you have heard already that the land line phones have been removed this summer.  They have now become a relic of the past in almost all student’s lives.  With cell phones and texting taking over the world, it no longer made sense to continue the service.  This change has been taking place at Universities across the countries as the revenue from long providing the service has become a money losing proposition.

If you feel that you want to still have a phone in your room, please contacct  You will need to give them your University ID number and your residence hall name and room number.  The phone will cost $84 to install and $31/month.  There is an additional $15/month charge for voicemail and a $4.75 Service fee. 

Compared to family cell phone packages -I know that my children are $20/month each extra, it’s easy to see why the room phones are no longer in much demand.  After my oldest son’s first year, I never even tried to contact him in his room…   A cell phone, that can reach someone no matter where they are is a much better point of contact, especially if there is an urgent need to make contact.


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