How much “Stuff” do you really need?

In the final Orientation Session last week I had a number of parents ask me that question.  My honest answer is that you reallly don’t need that much…. Your lap top and some casual clothes will cover 80-90% of it…  Parents – I hope that you will back off and let your children decide..  You don’t need to try to recreate what they have at home.  In general, everyone brings more than they need -and they don’t use a lot of it.    Students traveling here from abroad, or exchange students bring a couple of suitecases of stuff and do just fine.   Students dress casually -all year long.  UVa logo wear can cover all occasions that don’t require a suit and tie or a long dress.  I understand the impulse to feel ready for anything, but life is a lot less stressful if you travel light…  and purchase things as you figure out that you need them, rather than having a find space for a lot of things that you will never use.

If you drive here in less than 6 hours – err on the side of bringing too little at opening…. You can always bring more later….


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