It’s a beautiful day

It’s almost 7am on Saturday, August 21st.  It looks as though it’s going to be a gorgeous, but hot day.  In the McCormick Road Area -where the office is, the streets are still clear and there is very little traffic.  There are a few families that took the advice to come early to heart and have already unloaded to be ready when the doors open at 7am.  I believe that we already have amost 1700 students in – that number includes 250 student staff members, the band, the athletes, several hundred greeters and the 3-400 first year students who participated in the final Orientation session.

The University always seems to jump to it’s feet with the energy and enthusiasm that the First Year students bring to Grounds…. and with all of the returning students who are glad to be back and excited to see their friends again.

I hope that you have a good opening day today.  There is an on line Opening Survey for parents to complete on the Housing Division web page.  Please give us your feedback so that we can evaluate what went well and where we can improve our services.


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