Stairwell Single Rooms in McCormick Road

The 30 stairwell single rooms in the McCormick Road complex are small rooms.  Several years ago we realized that the normal furniture used in the rest of the rooms in the area (captain’s beds and etc.) didn’t give the students living in these rooms any flexibility in how they could arrange and set up the room.  That furniture was replaced with a loft bed system that can be configured in different ways.  The height of the bed can be set from very low to as high as the Fire Marshall will allow.  With the bed up high, the desk can be installed under the bed.  The desk can also be hung off of the end of the bed.  The point of this type of furniture is that you can personalize how you want to use it.  If you are in one of these rooms and would like to have the set up of the bed changed, please submit a workorder and the Housing Division Facilities staff will be happy to make the changes you need.


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