Room Change Period Begins on Sept. 7

We still have students arriving to check in.  That will continue for the next few days yet.  In order for us to really be sure that we know who is here and who did not arrive, we ask the Resident Staff members in the halls to contact all of the students to confirm that they are here.  It is important that we have everyone stay put until we can complete that process.

For upperclass students, room changes are done on a first come -first served basis.  If you come to the Accommodations Office in Page House, starting at 8:00 a.m. on September 7th, you will be able to choose from the spaces that are available in the system (except for single room spaces -there is a waiting list for them that you can call and put yourself on now.).  We currently have 95 vacant spaces across grounds, so there is a selection of spaces to choose from.

For First Year students, room change requests are coordinated by the three First Year Area Coordinators.  There are a limited number of spaces available so the ACs have to work with all of the requests they receive and see if it’s possible to meet the requests that they receive.  The first priority however is to get first year student pairs to work through their issues.  One of the primary goals of the first year experience is to help students learn to live with someone who is different from themselves and to help students learn the skills to constructively work through conflicts.


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