Alcohol – it’s not what all the other students are doing!

If to you it seems that all the students you know are choosing to drink and you don’t seem to know anyone that isn’t spending their time at parties and drinking, then maybe you need to stop, take a deep breath and look a little harder.  By self-reported survey data, approximately 35% of students here don’t drink -at all.  I haven’t looked up all of the stat’s today, but the vast majority of students attending the University, don’t drink to excess. 

The pattern I see in the data also shows that at least in on Grounds housing, the number of students that are heavy drinkers goes down significantly after the first year….  My guess is that #1 they are no longer enrolled at the University. #2 is that they moved off Grounds.

Please think hard about how you use alcohol -if you choose to.  Don’t make choices that are going to make it impossible -or much harder, for you to be successful here.  Don’t passively let others drag you down with them..  I know that you’ve had practice with these same dynamics in high school. 

You can choose not to drink, or not to get drunk -and you won’t be alone.  Most students do not engage in binge drinking.  Almost all of the bad things that seem to happen to students, happens when they have had too much to drink.  Bad things that can have long term consequences…  Even things as simple as ignoring personal safety by walking home alone while impaired can lead you into issues you’d rather avoid.

If you feel stress or start having problems, talk to someone… don’t let your semester get away from you.

We do want you to be here for your graduation….. and a good life after you leave.


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