Open House – Bus Tours on Parent’s Weekend

On Saturday, November 6th, as a part of the Parents Weekend Program, the Housing Division will be holding our annual Open House of Upperclass Housing.  For this we will have students living in Upperclass apartment areas making their apartments available so that first year students can see what the apartments are like, find out where they are and ask the students any questions they have about living there.  We will have buses making loops of Grounds and stopping at the Alderman Library Bus Stop from 12:00 noon – 3:00 p.m.

The Upperclass areas that you can visit include: Bice House, Lambeth Field, Faulkner and Copeley.  The stops don’t include the three Residential Colleges or the Language Houses, but many of these host their own socials during the weekend and you are welcome to stop by to visit any that you are curious about.

For information, please go to the Parents weekend schedule.


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