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Residential College and Language House Applications due on Monday, Nov. 15

The first application deadline for the 2011-12 academic year is Monday, November 15th.  If you are a current student and are interested in living in a residential college or a Language House, please go to the web site of the college or house you wish to apply for and submit it before 5pm on Monday the 15th.  These applications have an earleir deadline because each community has it’s own membership committee that will review the applications and tell us which ones they will accept.  We need those decisions back from them before the December 1st deadline for general upperclass housing so that we can make space offers for these programs at the same time as offers are made to everyone who has applied to live on Grounds next year.  It is possible for you to apply to more than one program -and to receive more than one offer.

Lawn Selection Process

The Lawn Selection Process Steering Committee met last week to update the application, timeline and committee selection process.  Details of that will be coming out soon.  Members of the current 4th year class will receive an e-mail from the Senior Resident of the Lawn, letting them know that they have an opportunity to participate in the process as a member of the selection committee.  Look for that information.   The current members of the 3rd year class will also be receiving an e-mail from the Senior Resident that will give you the information about the application timeline and where to find the application.

A few weeks ago there was a lengthy article in the Cavalier Daily talking about the process and listing the kinds of concerns that students have always had with the process.  I have worked with the process for the past 13 years now and have reviewed the application data each year.  I believe that the process has run well and I have never noticed any patterns in the data that lead me to believe that the process is not fair.  The one variable that we can’t control is the actual decision making process of the individuals who make up the committee.  Having a Committee however that represents each student in several different ways and that has always had at least 35 members reading and voting with equal status is the best protection against any one group being able to unbalance the process.

Please note the information when it comes out and look at how it applies to you or fits with your plans.  The value the student body as a whole places on this process and the willingness to invest time and energy to make sure that the final Lawn community reflects the true diversity of the student body is what makes the process special, unique and a true honor.

Open House – Meeting Upperclass Students

UVa is the only institution that I know of where first year students have an opportunity to visit upperclass living areas in a structured way like this.  The need is based on the separation between where First Year students are housed and where the upperclass areas are placed around grounds.  That’s a natural consequence of the University’s philosophy of housing first year students together.  It is however a great opportunity to be able to go into the rooms and apartments of upperclass students and talk with them directly about what they like or don’t like about living in on Grounds housing.  It also gives everyone a chance to experience the relative distances (all less than 1 mile) from the different areas to the center of Grounds.  I hope that you will find that there is a real range of choices in the options that are available.  You will also find that there are locations available in all areas of grounds.

Please join us for a few minutes.  We hope that it will help clarify things for your decision making.

Parent’s Weekend Open House – Sat. Nov. 6

We have made one significant change to the Open House plan this year.  We will have the start/end point for our buses be the Alderman Library Bus Stop.  In the past we had 2 separate routes leaving from the Alderman and McCormick Road bus stops.  Some of the feedback we received was that it was difficult for some families to make time to participate because it required that people come back to the First Year Areas to get on the buses when everything else for the weekend was scheduled on the center of Grounds.  Having one stop will mean that everyone can ride the same buses and not worry about switching routes at some point.

The staff members on the bus and at our tent at the bus stop can answer any questions you have about the different housing options and the application process and timeline.  In addition to these staff members, the Accommodations Office will also be open from 12:00 noon – 3:00 p.m.  The Accommodations Office of the Housing Division is in Page House of the McCormick Road Area.  The entrance is in the center of the back of the building.  We hope that you will stop in to ask any questions you have even if you don’t have time to participate in the Open House.

The weather forecast is for cool weather (I’m from Wisconsin, so “cold” for me means below freezing).  I hope that we will be surprised with a warm, sunny day.


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