Lawn Selection Process

The Lawn Selection Process Steering Committee met last week to update the application, timeline and committee selection process.  Details of that will be coming out soon.  Members of the current 4th year class will receive an e-mail from the Senior Resident of the Lawn, letting them know that they have an opportunity to participate in the process as a member of the selection committee.  Look for that information.   The current members of the 3rd year class will also be receiving an e-mail from the Senior Resident that will give you the information about the application timeline and where to find the application.

A few weeks ago there was a lengthy article in the Cavalier Daily talking about the process and listing the kinds of concerns that students have always had with the process.  I have worked with the process for the past 13 years now and have reviewed the application data each year.  I believe that the process has run well and I have never noticed any patterns in the data that lead me to believe that the process is not fair.  The one variable that we can’t control is the actual decision making process of the individuals who make up the committee.  Having a Committee however that represents each student in several different ways and that has always had at least 35 members reading and voting with equal status is the best protection against any one group being able to unbalance the process.

Please note the information when it comes out and look at how it applies to you or fits with your plans.  The value the student body as a whole places on this process and the willingness to invest time and energy to make sure that the final Lawn community reflects the true diversity of the student body is what makes the process special, unique and a true honor.

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  1. 1 joinphp November 10, 2010 at 4:06 pm

    I’m glad to be the 1st to comment and passing by I would like to cheers you. David.

  2. 2 jre9s November 11, 2010 at 8:59 am

    Thank you.


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