Open House – Meeting Upperclass Students

UVa is the only institution that I know of where first year students have an opportunity to visit upperclass living areas in a structured way like this.  The need is based on the separation between where First Year students are housed and where the upperclass areas are placed around grounds.  That’s a natural consequence of the University’s philosophy of housing first year students together.  It is however a great opportunity to be able to go into the rooms and apartments of upperclass students and talk with them directly about what they like or don’t like about living in on Grounds housing.  It also gives everyone a chance to experience the relative distances (all less than 1 mile) from the different areas to the center of Grounds.  I hope that you will find that there is a real range of choices in the options that are available.  You will also find that there are locations available in all areas of grounds.

Please join us for a few minutes.  We hope that it will help clarify things for your decision making.


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