Welcome and Congratulations Class of 2015!

I send a long p0sting to the Admissions blog yesterday.  If you are here, I hope that your search for information started there.

Deadlines are always important to keep track of – I’ll start this year’s information for you – by clearly stating that the deadline to apply for housing is Friday, June 3rd.  We accept all applications beyond that, but to be included in the initial/main selection process for the first year class, that is the date to keep in mind.

There is no advantage to applying early.  All of the applications are treated the same and first year students are assigned using a random process.  When you get to the on-line application you will see that you have several choices.  We have three complexes that are exclusively used to provide housing for first year students.  These three complexes or “Areas” include: Alderman Road, Gooch/Dillard and McCormick Road.  In these 3 you cannot request a preference and your room location will be randomly assigned.  You and another student can request each other as roommates, and we will place you together, but the room location is randomly selected.   In all over 96% of the first year class will live in these three complexes.  The other 3 options that you can choose from are the three residential colleges.  I will write about these in more detail in other postings.  These communities have 20% of their space reserved for first year students.  The rest of the space is filled by upperclass students.  These “Colleges” are social communities with a unifying theme chosen by the students who have lived in them.  They have a faculty member who serves as a Principal and they have faculty members who participate in the program with the residents.  Hereford College is focused on Sustainability and does not require a separate application.  To apply, simply check the box in the application indicating your interest.  Brown College focuses on individuality and creativity.  The International Residential College is a community focused on International Issues – it is not segregated housing for International Students.  The ratio of international to domestic students is about 30/70….  There are separate applications for both Brown and the IRC that you must also complete by the deadline.  Students in those communities make the decisions about wh0 is accepted.

We are still working on closing now, but I will continue with a daily entry covering the kinds of questions we normally receive from the incoming class (and from parents).

Again, Welcome and Congratulations!  We are looking forward to your joining our community.


We hope you'll find helpful information on the Housing application and assignment process. Send us questions at housing@virginia.edu and we'll answer them here.

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