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A Post for the UVa Parents Organization

For those of you that are parents of students, I would like to strongly push you to make contact with the Parent’s Organization.  It is a very active group here that provides a lot of support for students throughout the year.   The Safety Committee of the Parents Organization is currently updating the “Off Grounds Housing Safety Guide”.  That booklet has been available this past year and is intended as a resource to help you understand the leasing environment in the local community.  The updated version will contain some additional information about on Grounds Housing.  The chief issue that it is trying to raise awareness of is that the process of having students sign leases for the following year begins on or before October 1st… in the off Grounds market.   With all of the other information you receive during the course of the summer, this often catches both students and parent by surprise.   The University administration moved the dates of the on Grounds process forward so that 1st year students are asked to apply by December 1st so that our process is a little closer in timing to the off Grounds process. 

I will focus a lot more on this topic after the end of the summer.

The Parents Organization contact information is:  434-243-9000,, .  Offices are located in Alumni Hall.

Changes to Scholars Housing for 2011-12

The Echols, Rodman and University Scholars programs have, for many years, been housed in Maupin, Webb and Lile houses in the Alderman Road Area.  Since those buildings are all scheduled to be demolished this summer a decision needed to be made about where the Scholars programs would reside in the future.  For all parties, it seemed to make the most sense to keep the programs in the same location, which means that they will be housed in the 2 new buildings that are currently under construction.  These 2 new buildings are replacing 4 of the existing buildings, so there is more space in them than is needed for the scholars programs.  It was decided that 1/2 of each of the new buildings will be allocated as space for the scholars programs.  Students in the scholars programs will be assigned to the upper floors of each of the 2 new buildings.  Scholars who wish to have a non-scholar roommate will also be placed in these buildings.   It will make things a little easier once names have been chosen for these buildings.  We hope that the University will announce the names soon.


We hope you'll find helpful information on the Housing application and assignment process. Send us questions at and we'll answer them here.