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Transfer Students and Double Rooms

Most of the requests that we receive from transfer students are hoping/asking for assignment to a single room.  Unfortunately the demand for single rooms is much higher than the supply.  I would like to suggest that if you are offered a space in a double room, that you think carefully about accepting it before you reject it.   Having a roommate, at this period in your life, is not a bad thing.  Being new here, it can be a significant source of support to have someone close to discuss things with it can also help broaden your circle of acquaintances quickly.  The other part of this is that in order to work the system to eventually get into a single room, you first need to be in housing somewhere…..  You have to get in the door.  During the course of the Fall Semester, we allow room changes at any time after the first 2 weeks of the semester.  If you come in an get on a waiting list for a single then, there is a good chance that you will eventually get one.  Once in a single, if you like the location, you will be able to re-sign for the same space for subsequent years.  If you turn down on Grounds housing because we aren’t able to initially offer you what you want, it will be less likely that you will ever have that opportunity.  In the bigger picture, living on Grounds does help you connect to more essential services and resources, so if it means putting up with a roommate for a little while, it’s probably worth that.

June 3rd -initial deadline for FY Housing Applications

Please remember that tomorrow, Friday, June 3rd, is the deadline for First Year Housing Applications.  It’s not the end of hte world if you turn your application in late, you will still have a space in housing, but there are consequences to missing this deadline.  Mainly, you won’t be included in the initial set of assignments made and it won’t be likely that we will be able to put you and a roommate together in the same room.

Won’t it feel better to go in, get it down and cross it off of your list of things to do?


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