Preferences v. Guarantees

We are receiving a fair number of calls and e-mails with questions about housing assignments today.  One thing that seems to be a theme in some of the calls that people seem to feel that by stating a preference on their application form, that they somehow expected that the only assignment that they would receive would be the first preference they listed.  We give people their preferences as long as that option is available at the time their assignment is made, but there is a limited supply of everything.  At some point, we are no longer able to give everyone their first choice, or even one of the options that they had listed as a preference.  Stating a preference tells us what you would prefer, but there is nothing that allows us to guarantee that that’s what we can offer.  In a random selection process, someone has to get the higher numbers…  particularly when the class size is over the target.

The one thing that I sincerelyhope is that everyone can relax.  The normal progression of things is that once you move in and make friends, everything is fine and all of the little other things that people want to worry about now, don’t turn out to be real issues.


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