Fall Opening

The Summer is almost over…  Opening is just around the corner now.  For the class of 2015, Opening day at UVa this year will either be on Friday, August 19, or Saturday, August 20.  In case you can’t remember which date goes with your room assignment, the following is the overall list of when the first year buildings open:

Friday, August 19 ( 10am – 7pm): Courtenay, Fitzhugh, Kellogg, Watson-Webb, Woody, Gooch-Dillard 381-383 & 386-389

Saturday, August 20 (8am – 4pm): Balz-Dobie, Cauthen, Dunglison, Dunnington, Gooch-Dillard 384, 385, all of McCormick Road, The International Residential College, Brown College, Hereford College.

All other upperclass housing areas open on Saturday, August 20, 8am – 4pm.

Please call us if you are arriving later than the 20th so that we will know that you are still joining us.

Please go to the Housing Division Web Site at http://www.virginia.edu/housing for more detailed information about the Opening and check-in process and for any other questions you have related to housing.

Please remember than only you can pick up the keys to  your room – and you must present a photo ID when you present yourself to the staff.

I’m really hoping that it won’t be as hot for Opening as it has been here this week.  Enjoy the rest of your summer.

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  1. 1 Morgan August 15, 2011 at 7:42 pm

    Where do first years pick their keys up on move in day?

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