Housing Application Waiting List

The second round of offers to rising 2nd year students goes out later this afternoon.  There are about 400 offers in this round.  There are also still about 200 rising second year students still on the waiting list.  After that there are about 400 upperclass students waiting to receive offers.

The way the process works, is that we offer out every space that we have available with each set of offers.  What is then available for the next set of offers is the spaces that are not accepted and any other cancellations we receive.   Even though people have been waiting for an offer, if we are not able to give them their first choice, or keep their group together, then they may decide to turn down the offer and move off Grounds.

This year we are experiencing a larger demand, mostly due to the larger size of the first year class.

If you are on the waiting list and know that you want to live in on Grounds Housing, please be patient and stay on the waiting list.  At this point, if you are a member of a 6 person group, it is very unlikely that we will have any spaces for a group that is larger than 2 people.  If we don’t have any group space, we try to keep the group members as close to each other as we can.  Students can then work with each other later to arrange mutual switches, to try to get groups back together -or at least preferred roommate pairs.

If you stay on the waiting list, you will receive an offer.   We don’t ever get to the point where we don’t ever have spaces.  There is always enough change so that we can continue to make offers on a weekly basis.

If you have a question about a specific request or about the process in general, please call the Accommodations Office or stop by and speak with the staff directly.  We welcome the opportunity to help you with your individual or group decision making process.

Thank you for your patience.


We hope you'll find helpful information on the Housing application and assignment process. Send us questions at housing@virginia.edu and we'll answer them here.

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