The Reapplication process for 12-13 continues

We are now getting new vacancies for the Fall as the Res. Staff makes offers to new Resident Assistants.  This process is expected to create at least 50 vacant spaces all across grounds.  This will enable to us to get that much farther with both future room change requests and with new offers to the waiting list.

I also want to let you know that if you have a space in housing  for next year, but have found something else, depending on where you live, we may be able to grant a release from your contract.  We have a particular need in Johnson, Malone and Weedon, to create more space of incoming Transfer students.  We also have a demand for space in Bice and Lambeth.

I hope that you are enjoying your time away for Spring Break this week.

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  1. 1 jre9s May 1, 2012 at 9:29 am

    Michelle, After 5 days the agreement you signed for a space in housing next year is binding. At this point in the process, the only way that you can be released is if you are able to find another student, who does not already have a space in on Grounds housing, to take over your contract.

    You can advertise what you are looking for on the Off Campus Partners website or any other place where students will be looking. After Transfer students and other new students have been accepted for the Fall, there will be students looking for space.



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