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First Year Housing Assignment Options and Process

If you look at the information on the Housing and Residence Life web page, you will see that there are several housing complexes that are exclusively for first year students:  Alderman Road, McCormick Road and Gooch-Dillard.  This is where most of you will be living next year.  Within these three complexes, the assignment process is random.  There is no first-come, first-served element to the process.  You cannot select which of these complexes you want to live in.  You are able to request a roommate and you can select whether you are interested in a double room or a single room.  If you select that you want a single room, you should know that there are a small number of “stairwell” single rooms in the McCormick Road complex, but almost all of the first year rooms available to you are in the Gooch-Dillard Complex.  This complex was constructed primarly with 6 single rooms in a suite with a common bathroom and a lounge.

In addition, as a first year student, you are also offered the choice to apply to live in one of three Residential College programs. Each of these programs are in complexes where 20% of the students are first year students and the rest of the community is made up of upperclass students.  Each of the three communities, Brown College, Hereford College and the International Residential College, have a focus that has been selected by the students living in the program.  Brown College focuses on creativity,  Hereford College focuses on sustainability and the International Residential College focuses on International Issues.  I’ll give you more information about the structure of the Residential Colleges in another posting.  Please also look at the photos and information available on the web page.

Welcome and Congratulations Class of 2016!

We’re thrilled that you have chosen to attend the University of Virginia.  As a first year student, you will be living in an on Grounds residence hall for your first year.  Over the next several weeks, I will add a new posting each day to cover specific topics related to the kinds of questions we usually receive from students and parents.  In the past, I did this with one very long post.  I won’t do that to you again.  Hopefully, this will make it easier for you to find the information you need when you think of questions.

Congratulations again.



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