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Semester Break Housing for December. 2012

One change for this next year that everyone needs to plan around is that we will not be to provide housing to any first year students for the first 2 weeks of the Semester Break in December-January.  The Halls close on Wednesday, December 19th.  For the safety of students, because we do not have staff in place and most services are shut down, we will not be able to provide housing until January 2nd, when the J Term Session begins.

For first year students who may not have other options, we have made an arrangement for students to rent rooms at the Cavalier Inn, at a reduced rate during that time period.

If you live in one of the Residential Colleges, you are in upperclass housing, which does not close during the break.


Changes to First Year Applications ends on June 1st

In the last week we’ve had several hundred contacts from students who wanted to change something in the application they submitted.  Most often it’s been for a new roommate choice.  Some of the requests have also been for things like “I wanted to choose ________ complex”.  The selection of a complex is not one of the options.

After the June 1st deadline, we can no longer make those kind of changes so that we can begin working on making assignments.

Get your applications completed and in if you haven’t already.


Advice from Alums and Older Siblings

If you are lucky enough to have older siblings or parents who attended UVa, please listen to them and follow the advice they give you.  You also need to make your own independent assessment of how things work when you arrive.

Student Life at UVa is constantly evolving and that is particularly true in Housing and Residence Life.  We often receive questions or requests that are based on information that is no longer applicable.

The most common requests we hear involve being in a particular complex.  That’s no longer a choice that we offer you.  Please don’t call and ask to be made an exception to the process that is in place now.  The University wants to insure that the FY class is randomly distributed so that you are not living with people who are only just like you.

Old stereotypes of who lives in each complex are no longer accurate or appropriate.  Once you move in and make some friends, where ever you are assigned will become the best place to live.

We also get many calls based on location – and distance to class.  It’s a little hard for me to believe that people want to believe that having a 5 minute longer walk 2x/day will change anything in the kind of activities you can participate in, or create a special hardship for anyone who does not have medical needs.  A good percentage of students take the bus to class — it’s the same bus line that goes by all of the first year areas..  If you don’t want to walk, you don’t have to.

Everyone has their own unique first year experience….

Roommate Requests -Change for this year

For the first year this year, we will not be able to guarantee that we can honor all roommate requests.  We will still do our best to keep all roommate pairs together, if they are submitted by the June 1st initial deadline.

The reason for the change is due to the number of facebook roommate pairs.  In the past, it was typical to have 25% of the class request roommates.  Last year that percentage was up to 50% of the class.  We were able to almost honor every request last year, but we can’t predict what will happen this year and we don’t want to promise something that we can’t deliver on.

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