Semester Break Housing for December. 2012

One change for this next year that everyone needs to plan around is that we will not be to provide housing to any first year students for the first 2 weeks of the Semester Break in December-January.  The Halls close on Wednesday, December 19th.  For the safety of students, because we do not have staff in place and most services are shut down, we will not be able to provide housing until January 2nd, when the J Term Session begins.

For first year students who may not have other options, we have made an arrangement for students to rent rooms at the Cavalier Inn, at a reduced rate during that time period.

If you live in one of the Residential Colleges, you are in upperclass housing, which does not close during the break.



We hope you'll find helpful information on the Housing application and assignment process. Send us questions at and we'll answer them here.

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