Opening Reminders

A few notes to consider as you finalize your plans:

The University is very serious about student safety.  The regulations in the Terms and Conditions of Housing are real and are enforced.  Some things we still have problems with occasionally include:  No extention cords are allowed – you can only use outlet strips…   Don’t bring anything that is a real or pretend weapons (no paintball guns or airsoft type guns)…  No cooking equipment with exposed heating elements -like Toasters, Toaster Ovens or hot plates…… stick with microwaves and coffee makers…..  Don’t bring fabric items to hang in the room – you are not allowed to install curtains or to hang flags on the walls……….

Expect traffic to be heavy once you are in Charlottesville…….. We are a relatively small town..  be patient and try to relax and enjoy the experience.  Be respectful of everyone.  Unload quickly (make the greeters do the work for you) and move your car to a parking lot away from the halls.  Don’t decorate the room before you move your vehicle……  If you go out to do more shopping in town, still park in the remote lot and carry it in from there.  Don’t re-enter the traffic around the halls and add to the congestion for others who are still working to unload.

Don’t feel that you need everything that you own at Opening.  Make your day less stressful.  If you’re from in-state, your parents can bring whatever else you discover you need later.  You really need and will use much less than you might think…  for most people.

Bring fans if you’re in an unairconditioned building…. unpack and plug them in first….

Get to know your RA.  They are upperclass students who know the University, and who are interested in helping you with anything you need. 



We hope you'll find helpful information on the Housing application and assignment process. Send us questions at and we'll answer them here.

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