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New Building Names/Changes in the Alerman Road Complex

There are three new buildings in the Alderman Road Complex that will open for the Fall, 2013 Semester:  The names of the new buildings are: Lile-Maupin, Tuttle-Dunnington & Shannon House.

In May, 2013, work will begin on the next new building in the complex.  To create the space needed, Dunnington House will be demolished (removing the potential overlapping of hall names).That building is scheduled to be completed by Fall, 2015.

Dunnington’s Last Semester

If you lived in Dunnington Hall as a first year, time is running out for you to take a last nostalgic look at the building. In May, 2013, the demolition of the building will begin. By Fall, work will begin on the next of the new Alderman Road Complex buildings. Dunnington has been a good home for many students over the course of its lifetime….. It will be missed.

Opening Day – Alderman Road Traffic

Tomorrow, Saturday, August 21st is Opening Day.  If you were on Grounds this week you would see that the utility construction project that has been in the middle of the Alderman Road Complex is still a busy site.  The Contractor(s) are still making sure that they are out of the way for Opening Day.  The roads are open and there should be no obstacles to Opening day traffic.

Maupin, Webb, Lile and Tuttle Painting

It has now been decided that students living in these 4 buildings this year will be able to paint their own rooms.   The Common Areas such as the lounge and the bathroom are off limits for painting – you can only paint in your room -and only on the wall surfaces that are already painted.  Ceilings, doors, closets etc. are out of bounds…..

Happy decorating….

Last Roundup for Lile, Maupin, Tuttle and Webb

The students living in those four buildings will be the last to ever do so.  In the next phase of the demolition/construction project for the Alderman Road Area, all four are being demolished in the summer of 2011.

The two buildings currently under construction are scheduled to be completed in May, 2011.  As those bed spaces come on line, the next phase will begin.  Three additional buildings will be built in the next phase of the project.

For more detailed information on the project, please go to the Housing Division web page.

Alderman Road will be Open for Fall Opening

If you’ve been on Grounds this summer, you will have noticed that the stretch of Alderman Road along the front of the football stadium from Whitehead Drive to Stadium Road has been blocked off and filled with heavy equipment.  A utility tunnel has been installed to support the new construction underway in the Alderman Road residence halls.

The road will be open for traffic on Opening Day, Saturday, August 21st!

Please go to the Housing Division for more specific information on the project.  I looked at the site this morning and they have filled in the road and are working on putting in a replacement sidewalk on the north side.


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