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Stairwell Single Rooms in McCormick Road

The 30 stairwell single rooms in the McCormick Road complex are small rooms.  Several years ago we realized that the normal furniture used in the rest of the rooms in the area (captain’s beds and etc.) didn’t give the students living in these rooms any flexibility in how they could arrange and set up the room.  That furniture was replaced with a loft bed system that can be configured in different ways.  The height of the bed can be set from very low to as high as the Fire Marshall will allow.  With the bed up high, the desk can be installed under the bed.  The desk can also be hung off of the end of the bed.  The point of this type of furniture is that you can personalize how you want to use it.  If you are in one of these rooms and would like to have the set up of the bed changed, please submit a workorder and the Housing Division Facilities staff will be happy to make the changes you need.

Maupin, Webb, Lile and Tuttle Painting

It has now been decided that students living in these 4 buildings this year will be able to paint their own rooms.   The Common Areas such as the lounge and the bathroom are off limits for painting – you can only paint in your room -and only on the wall surfaces that are already painted.  Ceilings, doors, closets etc. are out of bounds…..

Happy decorating….

The UVa Bookstore

I recommend that you go to the UVa Bookstores web site/catalog sales area as you decide what to get for your room.  If an item is on sale there, it has been approved for use in the residence halls…  There is also a good chance that the Bookstore Staff will be able to deliver those items into your room (I don’t know what the deadline for orders is, but it’s coming up quickly now.)  I would also suggest that it’s a good idea to purchase items from the bookstore because the profit from those items is reinvested back in the University to support student programs.  I have not looked, but I would be surprised if the Bookstore’s web page doesn’t explain how that works and what they have provided funding for.

In the interest of full disclosure, both the Housing Divison and the Bookstore are Auxiliary Services of the University and report up the same chain of command…. We are partners who work together in trying to cover all student needs that we can.

What Adhesives can be used to hang items from walls…

What clearly cannot be used is anything that will damage the wall surface.. You are not allowed to drill holes in the cinder block or to pound nails or put screws into the drywall..  Fortunately, there are many new kinds of non-permanent adhesives available in the market.  We do not recommend any particular manufacturer, but I would suggest that kind that you see frequently advertised where you can hang hooks or picture hangers with an adhesive strip that can be stretched and pulled off the wall later is what you should look for.  When I’m in stores looking for school supplies for my younger children, I see stacks and piles of those kinds of adhesive things in all of the chain retail stores.  If you go on-line to the UVa Bookstore, you will also find adhesives that you can be confident are approved for use.

Coffee anyone?

What to bring for Coffee making?  Our information in the past has stated that coffee makers are not allowed in the residence halls.  That has been amended by the Fire Marshall so that Coffee Makers that have an automatic shut off function are allowed.

The furniture in Student Rooms has to stay in Student rooms…

A frequent question from parents is “if we bring our own____, what happens to the _____ that’s provided in the room?”  Unfortunately, all of the furniture in the student rooms has to remain in the room.  The beds, the mattress, etc. are all intended for use there.  We don’t have storage spaces elsewhere that can accommodate those items.

It’s also the case that all of the items that a student brings with them – including their suitcases, must also be kept in their room.  It usually works that for people that are from within driving distance, that the suitcases can be taken back home after they’ve been unloaded, and then brought back at the end of the year.  For most people traveling longer distances, they usually don’t have the luxury of bringing quite as much stuff with them (although that isn’t always true)…  Either way, students do fit an amazing amount of stuff in their rooms and they are able to figure it out and set up a space where they feel comfortable and at home.

Students don’t need an item for each and every possible situation or circumstance that could possibly come up – do try to stick to the important things – they need a fall/winter jacket  – not 4 different kinds of coats.  If they are going to buy a UVa sweatshirt – they don’t need to bring the whole collection from home…  I can’t speak for women, but does anyone really wear 35 pairs of shoes enough to “need” them all?  I always think of episodes of “Clean House” when I see how much stuff some people think they need.

Good luck with those decisions/planning.  I hope that you can figure out how to err on the side of bringing less, rather than more.  I’d also repeat, to all parents, to let the students figure it out…..  It’s no longer your job to make all of their decisions for them.  Even if they don’t seem interested in picking things for their room – leave it up to them… It’s good for them and for you.

What About Lofts

10-20 years ago, lofts were a very popular item in student rooms.  That fad has ended and today there are very few and all of the small companies that used to make them and sell them to students locally are long gone.  Many parents who were in college when lofts were popular still haven’t gotten the memo on that….

In our buildings where we have captain’s beds – beds with the dresser drawers built in to the base, we discourage lofting because you aren’t allowed to elevate that kind of bed…. which is the primary reason for lofting.  We have captain’s beds in the halls in the McCormick Road Area, Hereford College, Johnson, Malone and Weedon, Brown College and Shea House.

In the other buildings/complexes, the general bed, is an adjustable, bunkable bed that we leave on the top setting so that there is almost 2′ of storage space underneath each bed.  That is a lot of room and seems to meet the need most students have for storage.  Having these kind of beds has also helped eliminate the need for lofts.

Due to Fire Marshall Restrictions, we do not allow lofts in buildings that have sprinkler systems in the rooms.  This includes the Hereford Complex, Shea House, Woody, Cauthen and Kellogg.

If you feel compelled to have a loft, please contact the Housing Divison Facilities Office for guidelines that all lofts have to meet.

My advice, if you are thinking about/want a loft, is to wait until after opening to reevaluate your need and to then build one when you have lots of friends who are free to assist you.  In most cases, I think that you’ll find that it’s more work/trouble and expense than it’s worth.



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