The purpose of the Housing & Residence Life Blog is to maintain an on-going discussion that will provide information and answer questions about the programs, opportunities and options available in on Grounds Housing.  It will also be a way for us to provide advice on how to work with the deadlines and processes used to help you find a place to live that is a comfortable fit with your needs and that meets your requirements while you are enrolled as a student at the University of Virginia.

The information that you need about the kinds of facilities that are available on grounds can be found on the Housing & Residence Life web page.  You can also find detailed information about things like room dimensions, ammenities, the furniture that is provided and other informational items.  In this Blog, we will try to give you a broader explanation about on Grounds housing and the dynamics of housing within the local community.  We hope that this will be an efficient way for you to gain a broader understanding of the current state of things so that you aren’t forced to operate on the basis of information from former students and parents that may be a year or more out of date.

In general, the housing situation for students attending the University has changed dramatically over the past 6 years.  There has been a significant expansion of rental space for students in the local market.  This has eased the demand for space in both the on and off grounds markets.  There is sufficient space in on Grounds housing for all students who wish to remain on grounds through their undergraduate career.  First year students are required to live in on Grounds housing.  Second year students are guaranteed an offer of space if they apply by the December 1st deadline each year.  Typically 50% of the 2nd year class, 20% of third year class and 10% of the fourth year class remain in on Grounds housing.  There is also housing reserved for single graduate students on the Range, and for married students in the two Family Housing villages.


We hope you'll find helpful information on the Housing application and assignment process. Send us questions at and we'll answer them here.

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